Thursday, January 19, 2006

Abstract Index playlist - Jan 11/06

Greetings folks-

It's fitting to get my playlist archive started with the first show of the new year. The Abstract Index radio show can be heard at CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto, from 6 to 8 PM on Wednesday nights except the first week of the month which is devoted to the Audible Woman.

This was my 2005 roundup. I'm happy that it was much more of a free for all than a bunch of ranked categories. I participated in those types of lists here and here. When I'm doing this show, I'm always more likely to go for an improvised free-for-all than a sober, highly organized recap of the major events of the last year. It's about capturing the flavour of last year.

The first part of the show was a more aggressive, improvised mix. One of my favourite tracks in any genre this year opened up the show - a 15 minute avant-second line barnstormer (thanks Nate for the recommendation). There were also three tunes which featured great turntablism, perhaps no better than in the Tetrault/Yoshihide track. Yoshihide played on my favourite improvised disc of the year, too - ROVA's "Electric Ascension".

The latter part of the show was funkier. Still, I wasn't able to get to any Latin stuff (favourite disc, and airplay champ of the AI for 2005: Los Pleneros De La 21) or any funk for that matter. At least there was room for a couple of balkan beats tracks, another big obsession of last year. And Konono No. 1 was one of the most interesting crossover successes of last year: look for Congotronics 2 to be just as massive. I'd love to see a Congotronics bandwagon effect happen in the same way Afrobeat blew up.

Thanks once again for listening and for all the calls. It's a privilege to do this. Here's the playlist:

3 on 2 - the respect sextet (roister)
musicians and animals - rob clutton (rat-drifting)
live at wfmu - keith fullerton whitman/greg davis (carpark)
wond - mat maneri (thirsty ear)
lyon no. 1 - martin tetrault/otomo yoshihide (ambiences magnetiques)
bandung - alex von schlippenbach/aki takase/dj illvibe (leo)
drift in groves of bamboo - nilan perera (synaptic circus)
mr. panhuysen - laconnor (drip audio)
synthesizers east of siam - unknown (from radio pnohm penh, sublime frequencies)
drewslate - claudia quintet (cuneiform)
dark secrets - david murray quartet with strings (justin time)
naam - christy azuma and uppers international (soundway)
tp colour cafe - konono no. 1 (crammed)
love child - mei tei sho (jarring effects)
mamo - shukar collective (riverboat)
inel inel de aur - rona hartner/dj click/shantel (essay)
poor man struggle - ranking joe (m)
african dub - twilight circus/michael rose (m)
song of sharing - nazarenes (hearbeat)
rub a dub - sugar minott (auralux)


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