Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Underground Resistance

Just confirmed my first DJ gig of the year (jeez, almost three months gone already.... I'm slippin'). It's at Sister Ray, Kevin Hainey's PWYC noisy monthly next Tuesday at the Drake Underground. Here's the details, in Kevin's inimitable prose:

Sccisster rrayy 7: slash toronto hevvenstarring, in order of appearance:

BLUE SUNSHINE [taylor on violin/vox, her of gastric female reflex co-founding, before her departure, with jon, he aka 13 moons, also of disguises:: think folkdronemares drifting thru you]

KNURL [KNURL!! aka Pholde, for less harsh tones. ALAN FUCKING BLOOR, ladies and gentlemen. toronto's long gunning soldier of harsh creation, and recent thurd addition t' toronto's living legends, CORPUSSE., web dudes]

GRAVITONS [formerly aston/manzinani, multitalents mani m. and jill a. rake the rock scapes with harsh aggro guitar and free jazz drum ryddyms, switching up 'struments and just getting right into it. other collab projects also blossom from this highnrgy t'ronno sun]FORKTINE [the man colin hinz, a longrunnin legend of local noise-sound spontaneity, dude builds instruments "from Meccano(R) construction toy parts along with inexpensive musical instrument parts and some industrial surplus electronics". astounding sound all around. check the pic here:, and sound+ here: is going really good with this sunburned hand of the man cd-r right now]

I'm going to be spinning my version of noise: aggressive jazz, global psych, harmolonowave, and agitated electronics. See you there!


Blogger Forktine said...

Belatedly [basically because I discovered your blog only tonight, via egoscanning], thanks for adding to the evening's ambience. Well done!

12:49 a.m.  
Blogger Dacks said...

It was my pleasure. A great night all around.

9:20 p.m.  

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