Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Abstract Index playlist - May 31/06

Apparently Scientist has too much electricity in his studio.

Apparently there was a very severe storm outside while this was going down. Good dub has that kind of effect on the space-time continuum.

It wasn't the wackiest night of dub that I've ever done on air but these days I'm more about picking my spots with effects rather than laying it on thick like a Nutella open-faced sandwich. Back when I first discovered the fun to be had with reel to reel decks on air back in 1991, echo would swamp everything, feedback of the nasty variety would often boil over, and it was crazy like only 15 years ago crazy could be. There were usually pile of people in the room taking on the effects and the selection duties if not collectively, then certainly in harmony.

Dubbing out makes for a level playing field with the music. Transitions can be very impressionistic, continuous delay reinforces (or imposes) rhythmic similarities in a mix, and plays tricks on the harmonies. I enjoy the performance aspect to it as well, it's more intrusive on the music than DJing on its own. When done right, it transforms a collection of tunes into 'everything music', individual genres be damned.

summertime - rosinha de valencia (mr. bongo)
running in the streets - kahil el zabar rmx. by djinji brown (deeper soul)
montgomery movement - montgomery express (ikef)
eastwood - avi granite (indie)
sabari - djeli moussa diawara/bob brozman (celluloid)
pieta - milton nascimento (universal)
sereia - shrift (six degrees)
parisian thoroughfare - jaki byard (prestige)
to whom it may concern - them - tony williams lifetime (verve)
how do you really feel - breakestra (ubiquity)
right on - the cougars (light in the attic)
have a talk with god - myrna summers (soul jazz)
fourty days - sound directions (stones throw)
we do we go - nomo (ubiquity)
keep on movin - esg (soul jazz)
kunta kinte - mad professor (ariwa/trojan)
evil creation dub - dubmatix (seven arts)
black nile dub - dubmatix (seven arts)
mighty roots - dubmatix (seven arts)
reminder dub - manasseh (select cuts)
snipers in the streets - singers and players (on u sound)
very well - wailing souls (mango)


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