Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Maple Leaf Soul

A bit late on this, but here's the link to the profile I wrote about the Jamaica to Toronto CD/event.

The CD is available through Light In The Attic records (thanks for the image), fine folks all around who never give less than 110% with each reissue.

If you haven't heard about this wonderful compilation yet, it details the musical endeavours of the first wave of Jamaican immigrants to Toronto in the 1960s. Initially, professions such as nursing drew a great deal of women from the island, to be followed shortly by their families.

The musical climate was tough for R & B musicians, despite the popularity of the music itself. Soul was seen strictly in terms of imported music. Jamaica To Toronto presents a wealth of the barely issued gems and private recordings which, together with the Ready Or Not collections, more fully illustrate Toronto's non-rock and folk scenes at the time.

On Saturday, July 15 Harbourfront will be presenting a one-time-only reunion of many of the artists on the disc: Jay Douglas, Everton Paul, Lloyd Delpratt, The Mighty Pope, Bob and Wisdom and Noel Ellis (son of Alton).

The next step in LITA's "Jatdot" project will be the re-release of Noel Ellis' first album - this will undoubtedly shed light on the earliest days of Toronto's soon-to-be prolific reggae scene. In all, there will be seven discs in this series.

Stay tuned for a documentary on this subject by CIUT, and tune in live this weekend for a broadcast of this concert and others at Harbourfront's Roots:Remix festival (featuring the King Of Latin Soul, Joe Bataan!!!!!).


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