Friday, October 06, 2006

Full Time Index

After 5 years of platooning (hey it worked for Rance Mulliniks and Garth Iorg), the Abstract Index radio show will be inheriting the Audible Woman's first-Wednesday-of-the-month timeslot as of December. The AI will be heard 6-8 PM Eastern time every Wednesday.

While this is a good thing for continuity's sake, I'd like to salute the Audible Woman's 20 year plus journey through North American campus community radio. Starting at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, then moving to CIUT in 1991 Sarah Peebles' show has explored the work of women in expermental music, sound art and performance art. Her vast knowledge and creative programming made this a unique show in North America. Lately, Stephanie Moore has taken the reins, but the radio show will be heard for the last time in early November. There has been discussion of a podcast, which is the next frontier for this type of niche programming - Mike Hansen's Why Not Jazz, which covered similar territory, albeit in a less female fashion was formerly heard on CKLN, and has found a good home at C3R.

Bottom line is, good programming will continue at CIUT from 6-8 PM on Wednesdays. I'll let you know about any Audible developments. Sarah and Stephanie, thanks for sharing.


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