Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Abstract Index playlist - November 8/06

Thanks to everyone who pledged during fundraising! Not only did the Abstract Index make its target for new members of CIUT, but we also raised more money than ever before. It was a very gratifying night all around - thanks to guests Colin Fisher, DJ Sipreano, and Dubmatix for their help, and especially to the phone room volunteers who make it all happen.

In the midst of chaos - it was a whirlwind to coordinate music selections, guests, messages from the phone room and non-stop pitching - one disc stood out. Calm within the storm, one could say. DJ Sipreano recognized it immediately (mental note: must see him play out...) - The Gentle Rain by Moody. This was the brainchiled of Nick Ingman, veteran British arranger from the 60s to the present. Released in 1973 it contains marshmallow-soft covers of some of my least favourite Beatles tunes "While My Guitar Gently Weeps see noel", "Across the Universe" and "The Fool on The Hill", as well as selections from Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Laura Nyro and Luiz Bonfa. I commented to someone "it's the kind of record that made punk happen" - lounge music for an elevator in an airport featuring very carefully mapped out arrangements with a strong dose of Mancini meets Moog.

So why bother? It's the rhythm section, baby. There are a brace of neck-snappin' golden age of hip hop type samples on this album. The drummer, Brian Bennett, was a member of Cliff Richard's Shadows, but lays out completely through this, it's incredible he didn't have more groove-oriented gigs, as he moves effortlessly from breaks to jazzy press rolls. The rampant moogs and electric pianos cement the sound in its time, but the skill in the arrangements makes this timeless soft rock with bite. In many ways, this genesis of this disc is comparable to that of the Mustafa Ozkent disc profiled last week.
Another highlight to the disc is principal soloist Kenny Wheeler, the best trumpeter this country has ever produced (and yes Freddie Stone does come to mind, but Maynard Ferguson, well...). It's so cool to hear him in a totally straight setting, setting off some weird runs and turnarounds with his full mellow tone, giving the whole album a little more edge, but nothing to make you choke on your Asti Spumante.
Anyways, as per usual after fundraising, I'll keep my big yap shut through most of this week's show. (Update: no, I didn't keep my big yap shut. Another broken promise)

last bongo in belgium - incredible bongo band (sunbeam)
vamanos pal monte - eddie palmieri (fania)
souris moi - gueyanka & sally nyolo (riverboat)
wokyiri me - african guitar summit (CBC)
to hail selassie - noel ellis (light in the attic)
stop your fighting - noel ellis (light in the attic)
dance hall style - sugar minott (moll-selekta)
make me believe in you - patti jo (finders keepers)
in a violent way - feuermusik (indie)
blan - lina allemano (lumo)
skullsplitter - drumheller (rat drifting)
la solution d'enigme - arthur bull/daniel heikalo (ambiances magnetiques)
the inflated tear - roy nathanson (aum fidelity)
progress dub - echo (in tha chamber)
repatriation - dubmatix (dubmatix)
champion sound - dubmatix (dubmatix)
rise - noiseshaper (miracle sounds)
falling babylon - tony tuff (blood and fire)
careful dub - jah warrior (jah warrior)


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