Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Van Van In Toronto

Tomorrow's guests on the radio version of the Abstract Index will be Billy Bryans and Glenda DelMonte. Both will be talking about the upcoming performance of the legendary Los Van Van in Toronto on December 9. It's at Kool Haus, which accomodates over 2000 dancers... the ole' college radio "stand at the back with arms crossed" stance is not an option.

One of Billy's promotional strategies for this show has been to set up a website - www.vanvanintoronto.com - to spread the word far beyond the limits of the GTA. Some of Billy's best posts have championed a greater understanding of web marketing to aggregate an an audience, so this represents the philosophy in action. Until a certain Cuban leader dies, it's unlikely this band will be playing the USA, so the website and Billy's blog represent a cost effective way to reach the large but dispersed market for Cuban Timba in the Northeast.

Billy will talk about the show, about Timba, and anything else that comes to mind - last time he was on the Index it was a wide ranging conversation. I just found out that Glenda will be joining us, and I hope to learn more about the incredible forment of Cuban and Pan Latino (steel pan? who knows?) musical talent in Toronto these days.


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