Monday, January 15, 2007

Dubbing It, Dubbing It, Yes We Are Dubbing It...

DB Hawkes at Harbourfront, 1990 during our broadcast of the WOMAD festival. I had two highlights at this festival: interviewing a merry, slightly inebriated Jah Wobble on his birthday, and DJing the wrap party for the festival, which was one of my first important gigs. See for more details of 20th anniversary events.

Happy Birthday CIUT! It was 20 years ago today that "Close the fucking door!!" was supposedly the first (live) voice heard over the airwaves. Station Manager Brian Burchell disputes this, but given the alcohol fueled chaos that reigned that first day (and month, and year), I think it's likely. I remember stopping by the station after class - I was in my first year of university. Although I had only been there for 4 months, I was welcomed with open arms by all the vets, who poured this underage kid copious amounts of the finest $10-or-less champagne. I think there was always at least one drunk or stoned person on the premises every single day for the next several years...

Tune in to the Abstract Index radio show this Wednesday and relive some of those inebriated moments with a dubbed out excursion into outer spaceways. Jan. 17 is 20 years to the day of my first on-air appearance (6AM, Sat. Jan 17, 1987). I will be hooking up the EFX units and tweakin' it live for your enjoyment, or horror.



Blogger keenmom said...

way to go DD..I remember it well..perhaps not the drinking 'tho wishing you continued love of music..awareness and insight...Respect is Given.

2:20 p.m.  
Blogger tim said...

Way to go DD! You rock, As John Hartford sings; "turn the radio on!"

11:24 p.m.  

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