Monday, April 09, 2007

This Month In Print

This was a good month for Exclaim articles. I have two pieces in the "Points" section of the magazine this month - Autorickshaw and Tinariwen.

The interviews couldn't have been more different. I sat with Suba Sankaran and Ed Hanley of Autorickshaw for over an hour, talking about a wide range of subjects (as befits their South Indian experiment). I spoke with Abdallah from Tinariwen in my increasingly disjointed French (French immersion, why have you forsaken me?), while he was on a mobile driving down the highway somewhere in France. Sometimes it's not good to put snap, crackle, pop into your morning interview.

You can read about Tinariwen here, and Autorickshaw, who release their latest CD "So The Journey Goes" at Lula Lounge on April 11, here.

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