Thursday, June 21, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - June 13/07

Under See Records is a newish label out of Toronto. Their "influences" tab on their Myspace page pretty much covers the constituent parts of the sound, name checking "Discreet Music, Morr, Bliss-Out, Mutek, Warp, Noise Factory, Constellation, Kranky, Kompakt, Sound & Silence".
Minesh Mandoda of No Beat Radio on CIUT and also a prime mover of Ghostlight turned me on to the label's compilation "Cities Beneath The See". It's a good bet to join all the T.O.tronica from the Noise Factory label that gets so much play on my show.
What I like most about this collection of bedroom artists - of the music making variety - is the diversity in both sonic approach and generationally. The old school is represented by Legion of Green Men's alias Empirical Sleeping Consort (heard this week to great acclaim by one listener), Kevin Lynn of King Cobb Steelie, and Aidan Baker. The new schoool, well, for all I know, some of these artists have been at it for more than a decade or perhaps only for the last few minutes...
The mood is both dark and light with many hues of colour in between. It's a wonderful addition to the recorded legacy of the Torontopia period (which started around 2001 and continues), partly because these artists don't play many gigs. It remains unfortunate that most local electronic musicians and DJ oriented artists must look globally for any serious attention. A compilation is always a good way to progress beyond the singluar existence of a Myspace page to throw in one's lot with like minded musicians. Hopefully this comp will get its due at home and abroad.

dungeoneering - tim hecker (barge)
reluctance - empirical sleeping consort (under see)
eating disorders in action - justin haynes/nick fraser (indie)
je suis seule - les amis au pakistan (tir)
feira moderna - som imaginario (rev-ola)
sahib - quarteto em cy (emi/odeon)
xybaba - marius popp (sonar kollektiv)
la murga - willie colon (fania)
maltrata - fruko y sus afro latinos (soundway)
mother's son - curtis mayfield (curtom)
100 drums - eccodek (indie)
let jah love come - rhythm & sound rmx by sweet substance (burial mix)
changes - digital mysticks (soul jazz)
nyabinghis - jeff sharel (statra)
super sharp shooter - dj zinc (soul jazz)
take it easy - meditations (wackies)
the love illusion - ljx (indie)
memoirs of the neighbourhood sniper - ljx (indie)
road of life - heptones (island)
brother and sisters - butch cassidy sound system (guidance)
rub a dub style - love trio feat. u roy

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