Sunday, June 03, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - May 30/07

image courtesy of Do Right Music

There are several great pleasures in my life: music, food, family and tooling around on my bike. Abdominal is a kindred spirit on that last score, virtually defining his Torontonian existence on two wheels. On this most TDot-centric of discs, the standout tracks in terms of imagery are the one and two of "T-Ode" and "Pedal Pusher". This album's only a month old - like the LJX disc posted a few weeks ago, this is made for summer. Toronto tourists, you can put together a couple of entertaining days based entirely on all the geographic shout-outs on this disc.

I ride (mostly) year round, and Abdominal truly captures the experience of bombing down Toronto's streets. I can almost feel the sweat under my helmet as I listen to "Pedal Pusher". I know Abs can't: he states right up fron that he rides bare-headed and might "end up in a casket". Tsk. Then again he probably wipes his bike frame down a lot more often than I do.

One lyric sums up the parallel between MCing and cycling - when you've warmed up enough that energy simply flows "when I hit that zone there's no need to contemplate". I feel the same way about DJing.

5 am westbound (as west as it gets) - naw rmx. by tomas jirku (noise factory)
track 8 - glitch (
mystery of monkeys - les amis au pakistan (tir)
pedal pushers - abdominal (do right)
danse au bonheur - turtle island quartet (telarc)
la boda de belen - manolito simonet (egrem)
potpourri III - willie colon (fania)
uwa idem mi - etubom rex williams (honest jon's)
cigil - nuru kane (riverboat)
legs - darondo (luv n haight)
conquistador - cecil taylor (blue note)
east wind - nostalgia 77 (ubiquity)
miri magni - filifin (frikyiwa)
rwa gasabo/baraka - mighty popo (tamba)
sun will shine - jezzreel (wackies)
weak heart drop - ja-man allstars (blood and fire)
way of life dub - heptones (lagoon) right road to dubland - jahlights (trojan)

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