Monday, July 30, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - July 25/07

I'm always questing for CDs that fit well with almost any kind of music. To name a few; Congotronics 2, Feuermusik's "Goodbye Lucille", and Augustus Pablo's "East Of The River Nile" have the building blocks I value in music: soul, an experimental spirit, tonal variety, great rhythms and instrumental brilliance. What sets them apart from being merely great records is a certain universality in feeling that transcends cultural origin or technological ingredients. The Claudia Quintet deliver that feeling with every song, vividly bringing the theories behind some the 20th century's leading classical composers to life in a small and unusual band setting.

With main roles devoted to vibes, accordion and clarinet, you might think it's just brainiac chamber music. But leader/drummer John Hollenbeck is not only a master of propulsive rhythms in complicated settings, but a fantastically original arranger, getting the most out of the extended ranges of the vibes and accordion. The resulting tones are so seamless that at times it sounds like a larger ensemble, or even synthetic sounds. The compositions fit each member like perfectly tailored suits. Last week's track started off with a Philip Glass-type opening before breaking the bounds of minimalism in about 30 seconds to chase a rainbow of happiness, angst and utterly collective spirit over its 9 minutes.

If there's one fault to their music, it's that they're so consistent from song to song and disc to disc that it's difficult to pick out highlights in their repertoire. More bands should have this problem.

aequinoxium - echospace (modern love)
sa re ga machan - ananda shankar (fallout)
vol - cordame (ambiances magnetiques)
mars over sorrento - bob brozman (riverboat)
autorail - orchestra baobab (sterns)
boogaloo del perro - enrique delgado y los destellos (vampisoul)
revolucao organico - marcos valle (QDK)
en cada lugar - federico aubele (18th street lounge)
vamos los gauchos - axel krygier (hitop)
deep in the sand - budos band (daptone)
instrument flying - sal ferreras/john celona (music gallery)
three odes - claudia quintet (cuneiform)
broken home - burial (hyperdub)
consumicide - antagone (ae) MAP
send me that pillow - milton henry (wackies)
dread feeling - tribesman assault (senrab)
world dub - roots radics/scientist (roots)
audrey & june - zion train (universal egg)
tickle me dub - stromba (fat cat)
dub out - oku onuora (ROIR)
sabotage - carlton patterson/king tubby (hot pot)

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Blogger ohfuwc said...

Did you mean Consumicide - antagone? Your listing is painfully close to my release from the album "on the edge of nothing."

7:23 p.m.  
Blogger Dacks said...

Sorry about that - it's been changed.

7:32 p.m.  

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