Monday, July 02, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - June 27/07

I've been playing this collection for several weeks, so here's a few words on its behalf.

A few years ago when I bought Willie Colon and Ruben Blades' Siembra, the clerk gave me a two minute speech about how meaningful the album was to her. It's since become a desert island disc for me. The definitive writeup is here on Fania revamped web site. Each arrangement of the unusual brass section (five trombones, nothing else ) within exciting pan-Latino grooves is endlessly fascinating. Blades' singing is ingenious, socially conscious and soulful. Best of all is the concept piece "Pedro Navaja" (included on this collection) the sound effect laden salsa version of Mack The Knife.

There's a lot more where that came from on "The Player". More epics (more sound effects, too) are represented from about 1975 onward, from the funk fusion of "MC2", to his recasting of Celia Cruz's fiery persona overtop a Bootsy-goes-cumbia arrangement in "Zambullete". Yet another example is this week's "Biata" featuring vocalist Ismael Miranda which brings in a bit of West Coast Latin rock flavour to the bata drumming in 6/8 meter.

biata - ismael miranda/willie colon (fania)
hamba - benjamin escoriza (riverboat)
el jabillo - bernardo padron (independent)
tranceaccordion - motion trio (asphalt tango)
weyu larigi weyu - andy palacio/garifuna collective (cumbancha)
tabasco suite: chiapenquita, flor de maiz, el tigre - grupe chicago (sones de mexico)
freckensabe spa - hans appelquist (hapna)
venerosa - rise ashen and blissom (independent)
tune in 5/one phone call - yo miles! (cuneiform)
size large (for larry graham) - spaceways inc. (atavistic)
sometimes there's a buggy - aleuchatistas (cuneiform)
i love king selassie - black uhuru (vp)
king forever - prince jammy & the agrovators (live and love)
throw some stone - michael rose/twilight circus (m)
keele st. - jason wilson and tabarruk (canadian reggae world)
wonderful world - leroy sibbles (canadian reggae world)
sweet like sugar - ibo (canadian reggae world)
his imperial majesty goodness - isax (canadian reggae world)
run them away - bim sherman (nettwerk)
pastor dub - the taxi gang (mango)

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