Monday, July 23, 2007


It is my pleasure to announce the launch of Exclaim's Groove Radio. As editor of Exclaim's Groove reviews section, and general steward of soul, funk, reggae, dub, global grooves, soul jazz, and downtempo within the magazine, nothing gives me greater pleasure than to stop writing and let the music do the talking (sorry, no Aerosmith on this channel).

It's not like my radio show, mind you. Spontaneity doesn't enter into the equation; it's a 'focused shuffle', organized roughly by tempo. I had started importing tracks by genre, all the while realizing that 'genre' was an imperfect way to catalog most music. I then reorganized everything into tempo - that way, no matter what the genre was, if it's banging, it goes with the bangers...

The challenge has been stimulating, especially since I had no idea what it would sound like prior to the launch. Although there's more than 22 hours of music culled from the Iceberg media library, Exclaim promo, and various classics from my own collection, I'm only scratching the surface of many genres. The shuffle play aspect of the channel will make predicting what it's going to sound like next to impossible, but I think there will be a bias to roots reggae, which seemed to be disproportionately represented in the sheer number of tracks. So sue me. Most importantly, unlike most narrowcasted streaming channels, Groove is a MIX of genres and is not centered around any one type of music, geographic origin or time frame.

Now the updating begins. And Destination Out Radio is scheduled for November...

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