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Abstract Index Playlist - August 8/07

Los Destellos, image courtesy Barbes Records
Paging Mr. Tarantino, the soundtrack for your next film is ready... No joke, The Roots Of Chicha is all that and a bag of banana chips. Chicha is urban cowboy music from Peru in the late sixties and early 70s. According to compiler Oliver Conan, this music was never taken seriously on a critical or an official cultural level, and this volume represents the first (international) collection devoted to it. In the press release, Conan waxes enthusiastically about the demography, socioeconomic milieu and the resolutely pop dynamic of the music. He relates that the ingredients in Chicha are almost entirely foreign (like Canadian music?? I kid, I kid because I love...). The main ingredient is Cumbia - for my money, Colombia's most addictive export - mixed with Cuban rhythms, twin surf guitars, greasy wah pedal sounds and a smidgen of vintage Moogery. One track even has a lazy tape echo floating through the mix, which combined with the Andean melodies of the vocals sounds like the Rotary Connection. This comp is badass all the way through, with fascinating approaches to electric guitar which speak to Afro-American influences and to the tradtion of Peruvian guitar virtuosity. This is yet another example of the worldwide youth culture of the 60s manifesting itself through druggy pop hybrids (RIYL all the Vampisoul Peruvian grooves of the same period). I'm looking forward to Conan's band Chicha Libre dropping their debut in January '08.

If you like your psychedelia without grand theoretical analysis, head on over to Sublime Frequencies. Their two new comps Thai Pop Spectacular and Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 2 feature a slightly more beat oriented selection of Thai rock, funk, disco, electro-folk and comedy styles than previous SF comps - with exciting results! As for enriching liner notes about context and whatnot, they offer this: "For assistance decoding or reducing Molam and its makers to a scientific nothingness, please contact the appropriate authorities".

chaos breeds 1 - burnt friedman (scape)
stranger comforts have slipped by (pt1 & pt 2) - qua (mush)
goodbye au revoir - tim posgate hornband (guildwood)
riot of light - the respect sextet (roister)
beva ai laeo bo - thongmark leacha (sublime frequencies)
si ompong - ariesta biwara (shadoks)
mae kha som tum - onuma singsiri (sublime frequencies)
carinito - los hijos del sola (barbes)
cucaraca maraca - the harvery averne band (acid jazz)
liberation song - shirley scott (cadet)
are you there - josh roseman unit (enja)
black stacey (remix) - deadbeat (scape)
mainoo ole bai ke pee lain de - gaudi feat. nusrat fateh ali khan (six degrees)
plummer park - pete jolly (a & m)
rezos - miguel 'anga' diaz (world circuit)
bana - kocassale dioubate (beresanke)
winter in seney - echospace (baked goods)
champion - the dub project (m)
championsound - radio citizen (ubiquity)
forward ever - zion train feat. lua
milk and honey - prince fatty feat. holly cook (mr. bongo)
bring back real reggae music - andru branch (crw)
selassie - k.c. white (city line)

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