Friday, September 14, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - Sept 12/07

Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah has been a tireless advocate of reggae music in NYC, as well as being associated with the Antibalas/Daptone constellation for many years. Through his involvement with the Easy Star All Stars magnum opi Dub Side Of The Moon and Radiodread, his own star has risen somewhat. Further success was achieved with his participation on Amy Winehouse's smash album. Ticklah vs. Axelrod is certainly the best reggae-oriented album he’s delivered to date. Firmly influenced by the great early 80s rhythms of the Roots Radics in Jamaica, these spare, space-echoed workouts more than capture fine grooves, they are excellent songs. The first vocal cut featuring Tamar-Kali (a Radiodread vocalist) is the smoky, sexy “Want Not” which mutates into the Scientist-inspired dubscapes that dominate this album. The connection of Jamaican music to Latino rhythms (particularly neighbouring Cuban styles) has existed from the foundation of JA pop, and many tracks from this album see Ticklah successfully fuses the Don Drummond's trombone legacy with serious NuYorican charts overtop of the same driving rhythms. With no songs reaching the five minute mark, Ticklah's songwriting economy sets these catchy, original tunes apart from other early 80s inspired minimalist riddims.

Ticklah - Scratch To Win

saft - lucas niggli zoom meets arte quartet (intakt)
sketches of nyc - nublu orchestra (nublu)
small king of taungbyone - taungbyone min lay (sublime frequencies)
tinerete, tinerete - romica puceanu feat. toni iordache (asphalt tango)
symmetry pt. 1 - open house (indie)
space spy - grachan moncur (bbe)
prayer - burial (hyperdub)
untitled beginnings - mo magic (indian electronica)
slow dancing - robert strauss (bbe)
minute by minute - torngat (alien 8)
eu e voce - antonio adolfo (far out)
sunfish - david daniell (xeric/table of the elements)
warrior dub - michael rose (m)
clint eastwood - shawn lee's ping pong orchestra (ubiquity)
scratch to win - ticklah (easy star)
cop's spy - dennis brown feat prince jammy (blood and fire)
don't go pretending - mikey dangerous (mboss)
be humble - wicked beat sound system (guidance)
natty ting a ling pt. 2 - brentford disco set (soul jazz)
feel like jumping pt. 2 - marcia griffiths

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