Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Funky Friday

toronto sunrise image courtesy of www.interactivepages.com/stuff.html

It's not often that I get to an extended get down on the Abstract Index. The funk is almost always in the mix, explicitly or not, but naturally I jumped at the chance to fill in Michael Clifton's "Funky Fridays" show last week at the punishing timeslot of 5:30-8:30AM (good on ya, Michael...). I used to do a morning show ('87-'89 - yikes!). At best, the timeslot allows you to be alone with your thoughts, your tunes and a tankard of coffee, with a calm energy that's not yet worn down by the day's many trials. Or you can get your freak on really early to rouse the audience out of bed. I was feeling a bit of both this past Friday, and just went off. Mind you, I had to make sure I hit one third Canadian content which, as Lisa Simpson says, is "a challenge I can do".

Unfortunately the archive is pretty lousy - a very poor quality mono MP3 (which is mono in the sense that one jack isn't plugged in to some patch bay at CIUT, creating inadvertant dub when the drum channel of a stereo signal gets wiped out). On the other hand, it's a very small file to download. And let's face it, funk has often thrived on limited sound quality.

The hour from 6-7AM is now up, along with its corresponding playlist.

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