Monday, November 26, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - November 21/07

I wrote about Ghislain Poirier for AOL Canada a few weeks ago. Don't know if I would have bothered trying to break down "Dancehall Vibes 101" in quite the same way in another publication, but the thrust of the article is that Mr. GP is doing it his own way. He gets inspired performances and ideas from the vocalists he works with, and it sounds like the exchange of ideas is mutually rewarding - I had heard Face T and Kulcha Connection before, but something tells me I should keep an eye on them...

Best of all - and I don't know how many times I've termed this as the ultimate virtue on the Abstract Index - it's the kind of album that I can play in many different contexts because the multifaceted rhythms jump off so well to all the beat oriented musics I love.

sex and death - deep dark united (rat drifting)
drop descender - inhabitatns (drip audio)
barokscapes 2 - nancy tobin (musicworks)
gaw gawng jing pe play, from Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos (sublime frequencies)
init - sonic liberation front (high two)
colaboraccion - david buchbinder (tzadik)
sibu sibu - massada (follow me)
sweet power your embrace - james mason (soul brother)
evolucao percussivo do baque maracatu - maracatu nunca antes (no label)
jungle - som tres (emi)
zeep dreams - zeep (far out)
feedback - ojos de brujo (six degrees)
take your time - jeremy ellis (ubiquity)
el diablo - silvestre montez y sus guantanameras (vampisoul)
vives boogaloo - charlie palomares (vampisoul)
get out of my way - bossa 70 (crippled dick hot wax)
hoy tenemos - sidestepper (palm pictures)
boombala dub - infantry rockers (revolucion)
mangen l'boule - ghislain poirier feat. nik myo (ninja tune)
ta travudia - rootsman (essay)
brothers on the slide - dynamics (groove attack)

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