Monday, November 05, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - October 31/07

Happy Halloween! This one's a must for every October 31 show.

But it's more than just one of the definitive dub albums of the early 80s, it's also at the center of a nightmare of its own. Publishing, intellectual property, and fair use all figure into the controversy. The issue at hand is the use of much of this album in Grand Theft Auto III. Beyond that, you'd best read for yourself - it gets spooooooky.

the life of the mind - plug (blue planet)
serious sirius space party - ednah holt (west end)
that's how I feel - sun ra (evidence)
esplicitamenta sospeso - ennio morricone (ipecac)
oracion - ray barretto (fania)
el son de la muerte - psychotropical orchestra (denso)
zombie - follow follow (ombu)
rince doight - michel f. cote (ambiances magnetiques)
comparsa de los locos - eddie palmieri (fania)
deep sleep - mr. something something feat. ikwunga (world)
noonday demon - scotty hard (thirsty ear)
tune into you - nifty (blocksblocksblocks)
miss lucifer's love - funkadelic (westbound)
spaceape - burial feat. spaceape (hyperdub)
old ghost - calamalka (plug research)
satan side - keith hudson (trojan)
black heart - keith hudson (blood and fire)
vampire - devon irons (heartbeat)
the vampire - upsetters (trojan)
chase the devil - max romeo (island)
the mummy's curse - scientist (greensleeves)

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