Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Destination Out Streaming Audio

louis moholo

A bit late to be posting about this, but Exclaim's Destination Out Streaming Audio channel launched at the end of October. This channel runs the gamut from left-of-left-of-center rock to the outer spaceways of noisy improv, covering new and old tracks, travelling around the world in search of diverse sonic environments. Of course, the channel also reflects the content of the Destination Out reviews section in Exclaim. I'm proud to say that Destination Out represents a considerable archive of writing about experimental sounds, with over 140 reviews submitted this year alone.

This channel was the result of several inputs - I couldn't have done it without the help of Bryon Hayes, Glen Hall (if you're in Toronto, check out the 416 Creative Improvisers festival, which starts tonight), Eric Hill, Michael Barclay and Helen Spitzer.

I believe, and others have echoed this, that this will be one of the few places to find music this adventurous on demand. If you like CBC Radio's "The Signal" but yearn for something more extreme, D.O. Radio is just a click away.

And how can I post about Exclaim's Destination Out without a tip of the beret to the other Destination Out which is an essential source for exploratory jazz.

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