Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Collected Works

The February issue of Exclaim came out today. Up front is a Point I did on Steve Reid. His newest album, still in collaboration with Kieran Hebden, is called Daxaar and it's out February 5. It's a far more linear album than his previous few releases, with an easy going, stable groove powering the tracks. It can get a little static at times, but the overall feel of the recording outshines any criticism. If you're feeling down, it'll cure what ails you. Reid was certainly a positive force over the phone and I wanted to make sure that came out in the piece.

Also, there's an interview/review of Nicole Mitchell's "Black Unstoppable". The album has been available for a couple of months but it's still finding an audience.

Listeners of the Abstract Index radio show will be able to hear both interviews:

Steve Reid: February 6, 7PM Eastern time
Nicole Mitchell: February 13, 7PM

To be podcast shortly thereafter.

I've updated my "It Was Written" index along the right side of the page. Hadn't put anything new in there since April...

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