Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conductovisation Conversations

Two interviews tomorrow with very smart gents!

Up at 6:30 will be none other than Greg Tate, writer, musician, mainstay of the Black Rock Coalition and currently the conductor of Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber. He'll talk about conduction, Butch Morris' method of guiding large scale improvisations. The Nublu Orchestra is also base on "conduction" principles. If you like your funk miles ahead and travelling the spaceways, don't miss their Toronto show on Thursday March 27 at Lula Lounge. I'm can't wait to DJ this show, I'm packing up music I never thought I'd play live. Maybe I'll bring the tools of dub for a little extra flavour.

At 7PM, still on the improv theme (or lack thereof - it's improv!), Misha Glouberman will be stopping by live and direct. He's hosting his biggest Terrible Noises For Beautiful People event yet at the Latvian House on College St on March 28. This series is "made up of events where audiences of participants are assembled to make sounds together in different configurations". It's his birthday that night! Hundreds of people will be improvising their warmest birthday wishes! Mayhem beckons. We'll get the full scoop from him tomorrow...

Don't forget the Wavelength-sponsored Kalimba Summit on March 28, either. Kahil El Zabar, Laura Barrett, Nifty, and Njacko Backo will be tickling the tines solo and together. The back room at the Tranzac is the perfect venue for this event - see you there!

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