Thursday, May 08, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - April 30/08

It’s a shame that Songlines went with blue as the colour scheme for the artwork, pink would be more appropriate. As in pink noise.

Poolplayers is an update on the spacious and chilly ECM albums of the late 70s and 80s. The difference is, rather than players channeling minimalist statements in a reverb soaked atmosphere, these guys have interactive electronics at their fingertips to manipulate spatial perception in a way that simply wasn’t possible 20-30 years ago. Exhibit A: the Sherman filter, played by Steve Arguelles. I had the pleasure of working with one of these in live situations some time ago. My partner in Combustion Lente, Nick Holmes, used one as his chief instrument in our live set up. The box is kind of like a fancy EQ, but with the ability to seize and magnify/minimize thin strips of frequencies, seemingly creating tones and rhythms out of thin air.

The presence of Arve Henriksen of Supersilent is a dead giveaway of the sound of this band. His keening tones on trumpet and vocals range from Jon Hassell to Bill Dixon, but coupled with his own electronics and those of his bandmates, his purity is stretched like silly putty. Benoit Delbecq’s piano is quiet and lyrical, probably the most directly reminiscent aspect of the music to ECM’s output, but made tasty by the filtering of the analog Bass Station. The rhythms are less rock oriented that Supersilent, and more a combination of drums, bleeps and blurps. Several tracks sound like continuously crumpling cardboard with awesome stereo separation. Indeed, this mix exists in 5.0 as well thanks to Songlines’ SACD format – this is highly recommended for your home theatre.

litany of fervent - feuermusik (standard form)
tumble duos - tyft (skirl)
all the stars - nomo (ubiquity)
no more blood - ghislain poirier feat. face t rmx. by deadbeat (ninja tune)
sp 4 lovers - misteur valaire (misteur valaire)
wetin de watch goat, goat dey watcham - eric showboy akaeze & his royal ericos (strut)
in the pocket - boots (westbound)
the sexican - brownout (freestyle)
eswi yo wapi - tabu ley feat. mbilia bel (rough guides)
sanctus: an entracte - harry partch (innova)
surrealm - susie ibarra/mark dresser (wobbly rail)
luz - poolplayers (songlines)
poison dripping cinco - badawi vs. hhyscumclash (ROIR)
good times in the dancehall - prince blanco (no label)
play rebel music - prince blanco (no label)
rebel discotheque - prince blanco (no label)
love of my life - jezzreel (wackies)
alien nation dub - dub trinity (no label)
glowing fire - high tone (jarring effects)

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