Friday, December 05, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - December 3/08

There's always room for some hard hitting soul jazz on this show.

Wolfgang Thoma BRINGS IT kinda Mod style on this week's choice cut, confirmed by three phonecalls of "what're you playing, dude?". You can find it at 17:15 into the second hour's podcast. Keep this tune near you at all times - if it's cold and dark you may as well stay at home and cook.

Bravo, Sonorama for the best collection I've heard yet of German stock music/jazz producer Hans Wewerka. All these tunes are unreleased, though I guess that's just a matter of perspective when you're dealing with library music. Wewerka has produced some 1500 albums, so should he want to make his collection available, there would be a wealth of material to choose from.


chocolate mess - harold land (mainstream)
by many names - fred anderson (delmark)
variation d'apollon - the bad plus (heads up)
over the fence a junkyard - tin (no label)
cascade - quinsin nachoff/bruno tocanne project (adami)
easturn - jun miyake (do right)
africa lando - nova lima (cumbancha)
v - combustion lente (bubble one)
grounation - deadbeat (wagon repair)
saturn - lal rmx by alistair johnson (ptr)
afro spot - lightning head (lion head)
explosion - dusty (jazz and milk)
hard work - wolfgang thoma (sonorama)
bam bam - huelepega soundsystem (inyrdisk)
djama - amadou & mariam (because)
heavy sound - big bass theory feat dizzy moore (sirbassa)
high times - tribesman assault (wackies)
mother liza - fe me time allstars (pressure sounds)
jah light - judah eskendar tafari (soul jazz)
golden locks/dub - bim sherman (pressure sounds)



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