Thursday, January 29, 2009

Abstract Index Playlist - January 28/09

I just found out about this today... wish I'd known last night in order to pay proper respects.

Charlie Cooper, one half of electronic "synthgaze" duo Telefon Tel Aviv, was found dead in Chicago on January 27. He was just 31, and the band had released their latest record, Immolate Yourself, one week ago. No cause of death has been given yet.

Coincidentally, my interview/review with his musical partner, Josh Eustis, was published on the day of his death. I'm like the album very much, but it feels odd to have a brand new review acting as a sort of an unintentional career summary - especially since it represents a change from the band's dense, glitchy textures to a more direct, even soaring sound. My condolences go to Josh and to Cooper's family.


through the looking glass - gamelan son of lion (locust)
space elements vol 1 movement 5 - rafael toral (staubgold)
bosphore/botzomorph - eric st. laurent (katzenmusik)
blossom - chakavak ensemble (global heritage)
zen - rokia traore (nonesuch)
consumption - laura barrett (paper bag)
over the forest - warsaw village band (barbes)
your mouth - telefon tel aviv (bpitch control)
let's get over it - deetron (music man)
se tech we do mon - orchestre poly rhythmo de contonou (analog africa)
we got to get it together - david glover (luv n' haight)
morre o burro, fica o homem - osmar milito (mr. bongo)
wondering (sly) - telmary feat. yusa (bis)
que equivocao - telmary (bis)
modulo jazz - toldos y su grupo (vampisoul)
too poor - barrington levy (greensleeves)
black history - DATC allstars (heartbeat)
painful dub - sonic boom feat. tamara (guidance)
heart made of stone - viceroys (mango)
ischense dub - dubmatix (balanced)
just say who - delroy wilson (trojan)

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