Thursday, April 09, 2009

That Must Be The Good Shit, Man...

Thanks to Sergio Elmir for hosting the show this week.

Since it's been two weeks without a podcast, I thought I'd dig into the archives and podcast a good'un from 1992.

This broadcast was recorded on May 24 of that year, at about 12:15-1:30 AM. A whole crew of us was filling in an overnight show, and as was the style at the time, we brought some effects to get freaky with the mixing. CIUT still had a reel to reel deck in the on-air booth which generated tape echo, and we borrowed a digital delay pedal (from a beloved veteran of Toronto's experimental music community, William A. Davison) to make more noise.

This first hour or so featured us just getting the sound together and setting the tone. The mix itself is about 90% the work of Paul E. Lopes . If you're used to Paul E.'s smoothly mixed boogie sets, this will be quite a surprise. He's a very diverse guy, but we were all seriously tripping (not literally) on how to mix with two turntables which lacked pitch control, so the selection and transitions are quite imaginative and hilarious. He brought the spoken passages, and we each had a copy of Ray Barretto's "Acid" which he cut up in surreal fashion despite the technical limitations.

Certainly, this is one of those mixes which epitomizes the golden age of CIUT - funky and fearless. This was recorded on my trusty JVC PC 5 - the radio tuner gradually drifts throughout the hour, so the sound gets scratchier, not that that's a bad thing.


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