Thursday, May 14, 2009

Abstract Index Playlist - May 13/09

More on the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble soon in print form...

But on a more personal level, sometimes I just get music fatigue and records like this are the cure. I'm constantly chasing after new music. I've been doing it for decades. Sometimes it feels like a chore; I don't have the multitasking ability I once did. I'm grateful that the brain work of writing isn't my only game, if I couldn't DJ and actually FEEL the healing vibes of upfull music at a high volume, I don't know what my spiritual state would be.

When something comes along which is truly soul-restoring, it's worth celebrating. I don't think it's an accident that the HBE release is timed for a late May release. As the flowers bloom and everyone's winter-weary postures relax for good, a soundtrack is necessary to commemorate the changing of the seasons. The HBE's brass band sound strikes a major chord within the body and the mind - this is party music with rounded tones, not sharp ones. Yet there's more than enough hip hop breathe-and-stop edge to keep an audience alert and fully focused.

I can listen to this album several times a day. It's like medication which needs to be consumed every few hours. I can't even decide on album highlights yet - the whole thing flows so, so nicely that I don't want to over-analyze it.

However, the slowest and most uplifting track may just be the invocation with which I started the show: "Jupiter". Download the podcast and see if you are able to breathe easier after listening to it.

I'm glad new music can still do this for me.


jupiter - hypnotic brass ensemble (honest jons)
fafa - vieux farka toure (six degrees)
the antidote - mr. something something (world)
turtle eyes & fierce rabbit - torngat (alien 8)
dreams - the duncan brothers (soundway)
firebirds/birds of fire - don sebesky (cti)
tabey tarate - tartit (crammed)
tree to tree - jayme stone & mansa sissoko (no label)
icegirl - ayal senior (inyrdisk)
small king of taungdyone - sein moota (sublime frequencies)
mobutu #2: katanoa boma ye - za (acuarela discos)
kicking stones - offonoff (smjz)
glazin - black dice (paw tracks)
natural selection - martyn rmx by flying lotus (scape)
bankable dub - twelve (jarring effects)
step by step - dubosmium feat. dubzoic (fresh poulp)
dub it today - rootical sound (guidance)
can't stop natty dread - linval thompson (blood and fire)

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