Friday, May 22, 2009

Freedom Of Community - An Audio Manifesto

On Wednesday June 3, the Abstract Index, CIUT and AIMToronto present Freedom Of Community.

Toronto’s free improvisers have been internationally renowned for their skillful musical exploration for more than four decades. Coincidentally, CIUT also has a four decade history of boundary breaking musical programming.

Freedom Of Community brings these two important, community-based cultural institutions together for the first time.

AIMToronto was formed in 2005. It was conceived as an umbrella under which each of the city’s disparate pockets of improvising musicians could all organize, providing increased visibility for the community as a whole while maintaining its diversity. It is an organization of global significance, hosting the world’s finest improvisers such as William Parker, Joe McPhee and Les Poules in quarterly Interfaces. Its next such presentation features Swiss saxophonist Urs Leimgruber from June 5-7.

All three sets of Freedom Of Community feature members of AIMToronto.

Set 1) a FREE CONCERT from 6:00-6:45PM on the front lawn of 91 St. George St. (weather permitting) with Alaniaris, (fractured Greek rembetika stylings) - Michael Kaler - bass, Ken Aldcroft -, guitar, Mark Zurawinski - drums

Set 2) Michael Keith - guitar, Scott Thomson - trombone

Set 3) Odradek (electro/acoustic small objects) - William Davison - electronics small instruments, Jim Bailey - electronics, small instruments, Andy Yue – synth

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