Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What A Wonderful Day!

Kyle Brenders & Parmela Attariwala

For live music outside 91 St. George St, aka CIUT!

Today's the big broadcast - Freedom Of Community, the most ambitious broadcast ever undertaken by the Abstract Index!

Why is this an important broadcast?

  • It represents a huge (potential to reach 8 million people) audience for improvised music in this city, and countless more online.
  • It's free - no financial barriers to enjoyment for anyone! You don't need broadband access, just a radio...
  • It's yet another manifestation of what CIUT does best - connecting music on the margins with a mass medium, using only a handful of people to pull it off!
  • It's a great showcase for AIMToronto's upcoming Interface with Urs Leimgruber
  • Not only will the audience hear three distinctly different approaches to improvisation, AIMToronto board member Parmela Attariwala will speak to the organization's mandate and themes. That interview takes place at 6:45.

Forecast is 19 degrees and sunny for this evening - come down and enjoy the surf-rembetika-improv of Alaniaris @ 6PM underneath the leafy canopy outside the radio station.

There is one change to the programming - Kyle Brenders is subbing for Michael Keith in the second set, in duet with Scott Thomson.

Hope to see you at CIUT!

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