Thursday, July 16, 2009

Abstract Index Playlist - July 15/09

The first person to introduce me to Rhythm and Sound was DJ Chocolate, who interviewed them on her CKLN radio show some years ago. I happened to be passing through at that time (I think I was promoting an event) and didn't realize who I was meeting. Fortunately, that led to my investigation of their music and aesthetic.

In the years since, I've fallen hard for their minimal techno dub featuring such vocalists as Tikiman & Willi Williams. Just as important has been their patronage of the Wackies catalogue - they've made available a wealth of reggae history with their brilliant and expertly mastered reissues of the New York label.

Half of the crew, Moritz Von Oswald, has performed concerts as a more-or-less live trio, featuring Vladislav Delay on percussion and Max Lorderbauer on keyboards and additional electronics. Over the course of four long selections, the R and S minimalism is exploded by jazzy syncopations, and on this track, a seriously pitch bent riddim which seems more full blooded than usual. Another welcome change, and perhaps owing to the more human construction of the project, is a more rapid and multifaceted development to the song structures; some of the early Basic Channel stuff was so severely minimal as to drive even the most dedicated dub disciples batty from lack of variation. While the energy is still part way between danceable and lying face down on the floor, a good pair of speakers or headphones is a must to appreciate the many subtle transformations in the timbres of all the sounds in this mix.

This album won't disappoint the many Basic Channel fans throughout the world, and continues to demonstrate that there is no laurel-resting amongst the duo.


penny for your thoughts - charity chan (ambiences magnetiques)
bam - elektrik toboggan (victo)
pigeon shit - zechs marquise (rodriguez lopez productions)
revenge of the fillet o' fish - lord newborn and the magic skulls (ubiquity)
awe - helado negro (asthmatic kitty)
mali de nou - cheik hamala diabate (grigri)
clicking with the clique - st. dirt elementary school (barnyard)
undelivered letter - quantic y su combo barbaro (tru thoughts)
para que niegas - los papines (waxing deep)
yerbaguena - gnawledge (
i don't love you - 24 carat black (numero)
jump up - major lazer feat leftside & supahype (mad decent/downtown)
patterns 4 - moritz von oswald (honest jons)
texas tea - deadbeat (scape)
kuale n'go valodo - carlos lamartine rmx by mauricio pacheco & digital dubs (out here)
everyday always - grand analog (urbnet)
wailin' - 10 ft ganja plant (roir)
50 pence dub - mad professor (trojan)
don't ask my neighbours (version) - sheila hylton (mango)

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