Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Impressions

Here are some snaps of my first night in CIUT's new studios in Hart House.

For those of you outside Toronto, here's some background on the context of this move. Hart House is one of the key buildings on the University of Toronto campus. It was established in 1919 as one of the first student activity centers in North America. It's a gorgeous, iconic Gothic revival structure kitty-corner to the university's most famous building, University College. Hart House includes a top-flight restaurant, a professional caliber theatre, athletic facilities, a swimming pool, and a barbershop. It is a central part of the University of Toronto experience. The rationale behind the move is that CIUT's presence will increase and diversify student traffic and engagement with the radio station and the building in general.

I didn't take any pictures of the Map Room studio, which is still under construction (looks great though...). All programming between 8AM and 6PM will take place there - come gawk at Medicineman while he's doing his show! These pics are taken in the main CIUT facilities on the third floor. This was the former, spectacular apartment of the Warden of Hart House. It was completely off-limits to the public for most of Hart House's existence, and should be a revelation to all past and present U of T students. Truly a candidate for Doors Open Toronto.

The studio ("Studio 3") overlooks Tower Rd's 'back campus' playing fields. its west view should provide some memorable sunset experiences during my timeslot. It was already incredibly beautiful last night.

Things are far from complete, but I still can't believe this is all happening...

1. The studio is three flights of stairs from the main entrance, but the elevator works well too.

2. Skylights abound.

3. A big hallway full of stuff in boxes

4. Catwoman at the controls

5. The interview booth

6. View from behind the mic, sitting in a brand new chair. Note the perfect levels on the board - Abstract Index comes correct everytime, seen?

7. Sunset over back campus, taken from the interview booth window. Wednesday Night Lights.



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