Monday, November 30, 2009

Abstract Index Playlist - November 25/09

I'm having some trouble retrieving the archive for this one but will get it soon I hope. I'm keen to hear DJ Valeo's set again.

Valeo manages Bonjay, who have just released their long awaited debut EP. Somewhat boldly, they decided to focus on one song pushed and pulled in different directions by some notable remixers: Poirier, Grahmzilla and Smalltown Romeo. I enjoyed interviewing Alanna, and wrote about them at Spinner.

Valeo had many interesting things to say about global musical exchange as contrasted with the music industry-conceived term of world music. However, his actions spoke louder than words. As he alchemized his source material on Serato (something I've never explored) it was obvious that the combination of similar production tools combined with similar mixing tools could yield an incredibly elastic, culturally expansive sound that simply was not possible with World Music 1.0 (at the time... I'd be interested to hear what those Parisian soukous records from the 80s sound like when given a proper Serato rinse-out). Though Valeo pointed out that Serato is largely a North American tool at present, it's possible to create transformational mixes with CDJ setups.

Bonjay's Toronto-spawned Creole-accented dancehall-soul both stands out and blends into this technology-friendly sound. In the decade to come, any dancefloor-oriented cultural fusion can potentially originate from any location on Earth, and that it will be sought after by a worldwide network of cultural antennae like Valeo, who will then blend such sounds into highly individual, locally influenced styles. That's a more grassroots kind of world music than ever before.

confliction - chicago underground duo (thrill jockey)
soul village - walter bishop jr. (muse)
talk that talk pt 2 - rance allen group (stax)
transamazonica - antonio adolfo e a brazuca (emi)
sweet tears - roy ayers ubiquity (polydor)
mhandu ye hove - stella chiweshe (piranha)
white wednesday off the wall - henry threadgill (pi)
polar sexus - the embassadors (nonplace)
come down 2 earth - ras g (brainfeeder)
redrico - giant panda dub squad (no label)
hexed and perplexed - liquid stranger (interchill)

dj valeo:
llave materna - universildo (hipi duki)
purple city - joker and ginz (kapsize)
from ever since - nebulla (code of arms)
cashflow - major lazer ft jah dan blakkamoore rmx by subskrpt demo (mad decent)
gimmee gimmee - bonjay (no label)
dibi dibi - maga bo vs. ismael vs. bass nectar (no label)
tagine loghate featuring providence - fnaire (no label)
citoyen du monde - an-ten-nae rmx by poirier with face-t (muti)
yo pa enmé - admiral t (no label)

upsetting dub - tony dubshot (no label)
fully charged - souljah fyah (no label)
mr. big man - porti (heartbeat)
west end 12 - burning babylon (sound shack)

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