Saturday, January 16, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - January 13/10

I won't lie - I didn't play any full length albums this week that blew me away. This week's edition was further evidence that sometime last year this show has reached a tipping point favouring downloaded single tracks as opposed to selections from full length physical promo copies. It's kind of funny that this just happened last year (when others are proudly giving up their entire collection of CDs), but given my interests in jazz and reissues, I held out longer than most! What a Luddite. That said, there's much to say about the audacious new Gil Scott-Heron album and I'll be getting to that in due time.

My fave track this week came from expat Torontonian Moonstarr. His newest creation is a limited edition 7" called Farfisa 45 whose A-Side is "Hav' em". It features typically tasteful and funky drums garnished with vocal scat samples, but the main attraction is the keyboards of Tony Ezzy. Though the keyboard sound is a little thin (yes, it's a Farfisa, but it might have been mixed differently to showcase its unique character), the soulfulness and urgency comes through loud and clear. A nice and slippery tune, can't wait to drop it on Funky Fridays.

Podcast - sorry about the sound quality this week, adjustment to CIUT's new facilities is ongoing.

me and the devil - gil scott heron (xl)
two peas in a pod - interceiving (no label)
actuator - ergo (cuneiform)
in search of truth - lonnie liston smith (bluebird)
raw - james rolfe (musicworks)
monolith - cfcf (paper bag)
hav'em - moonstarr & tony ezzy (ptr)
gps - randolph (still)
keyzer - grupo batuque (far out)
gato cor de cafe - luanda jones (no label)
darkheart - mapstation (scape)
almost black - james white & the blacks (ze)
56% proof - belleruche (tru thoughts)
one armed bandit - jaga jazzist (ninja tune)
version the dread - sugar minott (quality)
dancing dub - bunny wailer (solomonic)
concrete sunrise - roots tonic (ROIR)
love needs expression - chet singh (no label)
imperial stepper - disciples (jarring effects)
bang bang - jimmy riley (heartbeat)
feel like jumping pt. 2 - marcia griffiths (soul jazz)
ital natty dread - prince jazzbo (jackpot)

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