Friday, January 29, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - January 27/10

The premise of this highly original album is right on: there's so much more to the Hammond organ than just funk (not that "just funk" is EVER a bad thing in my books).

Decoy employ one of the most versatile instruments of the 20th century in sonics that belong firmly in the 21st. In a nutshell, it's free improv plus pulling-out-all-the-stops organ. "Outside In", which started out this week's show, sounds like Merzbow on organ (actually, his name is Alexander Hawkins). Those Leslie speakers are howling for mercy as their extreme volume modulations threaten to bust down the walls of Jericho.

Not that there aren't prolonged stretches of normalcy on the disc. The next couple of tracks settle into something that wouldn't be out of place on a Larry Young album - a conventional rhythm section pulse with some simmering phrases sprinkled overtop. In truth, soul jazz isn't that far away from any of these tracks. However, "Episode #69" is likely going to be the next track I play on the Index - it's a total Sun Ra workout, keyboard mashing all the way with sympathetic sound sculpting from Steve Noble and John Edwards (no, not that guy).

This disc isn't a complete success. Given the concept I'd love to hear wall-to-wall tonal angst and/or see them live. The louder you play it though, the more nuances of the Hammond sound come out. Hopefully this will inspire future recordings and the global Hammond fellowship to start thinking outside the wood-paneled box.

Podcast - sorry once again for the microphone difficulties...

outside in - decoy (bo weavil)
voxels - asura (non projects)
dhine dhadin - trilok gurtu & frikyiwa family (frikyiwa)
light favourites - drumheller (rat drifting)
colours - attila fias trio (no label)
out at night - mi ami (thrill jockey)
odessa - caribou (domino)
cineramascope - galactic (anti)
once you got me going - debby blackwell (strut)
algo - ricardo marrero & the group (jazzman)
shine dub - i plant (no label)
why not tonight? - see i (guidance)
dub inna this time - messian dub (no label)
gideon soldier - courtney melody (no label)
be strong/hold on - ibadan (crw)
dance the night away - danglin (street muziq)
ridiculous dub - jah warrior (tanty)
higher ruff dub - webcam hi fi (no label)

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