Friday, February 19, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - February 17/10

It's the big comeback for Martin and Lewis.

But seriously, if we're talking about Jean Martin, dude never goes away for very long. As the proprietor of the Farm studio and Barnyard Records he's always got a ton of work. Having spoken to him recently, he mentioned he's got twenty projects on the boil...

This trio recording is one of the more conventionally jazz oriented releases on the label. Lewis reminds me of Kenny Wheeler - he's very melodic and abstract, but has a stronger, less breathy tone and some intriguing barking noises in his repertoire. Downing is a surprise to me here - I know him most from his recordings with Lina Allemano, and here he is brutally to the point with his technique. Together with Martin on drums, they suggest grooves without actually developing them, almost as if the three of them were playing hide and seek with linear song ideas.

Hopefully, Barnyard will continue to be active - especially when it is mounting large scale craziness like their upcoming triple CD release. The label released many projects supported by the Canada Council's Specialty Music Recording grant, which was eliminated last fall. When will the Tories learn that 'specialized' music is not marginal, it brings new people and retains veteran participants in the network of those who work in music, from artists to studios to labels. Popular music grants pay for marketing and costs that artists can afford anyways. Bring that grant back, Mr. Harper...


cloud hands - the element choir (barnyard)
flight delayed - swifty lazarus (wired on words)
universal band silhouette - jan jelinek (scape)
220 v spectral - jaga jazzist (ninja tune)
goodbye confidential - fantastic tchico (sonafric)
pass it - mike longo (mainstream)
the other one - anthony shakir (rush hour)
adzaki - kofi ayivor rmx by streamer pilot (no label)
sinking - mary halvorson & jessica pavone (thirsty ear)
friday the 13th - glen halls and glen charles halls (quiet design)
six - jim lewis/andrew downing/jean martin (barnyard)
break through - the whitefield brothers (now again)
when the saints go marching in through all the popular themes - dub spencer/trance hill (echo beach)
lead us jah - killawah feat jah warrior (no label)
dyreryg - mikkel metal (statler & waldorf)
polar cap dub - teledubgnosis (wordsound)
ganja syrup - maxie (silver camel)
new civilization - burning spear (studio one/heartbeat)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Where is the other half of the playlist? with the Dubblestandart, Mad Professor, etc.????

2:44 p.m.  
Blogger Dacks said...

Hi Jonathan - I think you're referring to the Jan 20th show?

3:13 p.m.  

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