Tuesday, April 06, 2010

CIUT Spring Fundraising Drive - April 7

CIUT's spring fundraising drive starts tomorrow, April 7. For a change, the Abstract Index is on day one. Please consider becoming a member with a donation of $25.

Why support the Abstract Index? I devote my life to music promotion, and of all the work I do, I’m most proud of this radio show. Every week I challenge myself to tell a new story with music. It’s a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to improvise over the airwaves every week – how often does an individual have the chance to pilot a mass medium?

CIUT prides itself on being a source for all kinds of music not heard on commercial radio in Toronto. As regular listeners know, I don’t specialize in one genre, this show is about making connections with a mix with breadth and depth.

On Wednesday, I will be joined in the studio by Exclaim’s hip hop editor Del Cowie, Editor In Chief of Musicworks Magazine Micheline Roi, local electro dancehall heroes Bonjay, and superfan Marcel Strohmeier, among others. There will be plenty of CDs to be given away as well.

Please don’t hesitate to make a donation right away – I have a special early bird prize of a year’s subscription to Musicworks Magazine. This prize will be drawn from those who become members of CIUT before Wednesday’s broadcast. It’s much easier to raise funds on air if there are a few pledges already in the bank.

You can email me back if you want me to fill out a pledge form, or pledge online and make sure you indicate that you're supporting the Abstract Index.

I'm still looking for another phone volunteer. If that appeals, just let me know.



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