Thursday, April 01, 2010


Huelepega Sound System is a couple of men short for tomorrow's gig with Microbunny, but it'll be epic nonetheless.

is Al Okada's downtempo project which has run off and on for 10 years. The first comparison most people make with Microbunny is to Portishead, and it's not inaccurate. I was an early member of the live ensemble, running loops and doing dub effects - not so different than Huelepega, really.

HSS join Mean Red Spiders and Microbunny for their release of the CD 49 Swans tomorrow night (Friday April 2) at the Rivoli. As mentioned, this will be a duo edition of HSS, which will sound more like our first disc, if that appeals. I'll also be running pre-mixes between sets.

Hope to see you out on what will no doubt be a lovely spring evening.

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