Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming Interviews

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In honour of groovy tastemaker emeritus Gilles Peterson's upcoming Toronto appearance, I will be broadcasting part of a recent interview I did with a man who has influenced my DJing career greatly.

Not sure what part I'm going to air. It was a pretty great interview from top to bottom, but I'm not going to foist all 30 min of it on you. Not just yet, anyways - there may be a feature article coming out of this, so stay tuned for that. Tune in tomorrow (Thursday Aug 19) at 11PM.

Next week on the 26th, I'll be joined by Toronto reggae singer LJX, whose sophomore album "Brighter Days" comes out in early September. Check the release party at Lula Lounge on Sept. 10.

Finally, after a week off, on September 9, I welcome Rat Drifters Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver to the program to talk about their respective new albums. They also collaborate on each others albums. It's confusing; we'll straighten it out.

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