Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Drifting The Night Away

(photos via Exclaim) Join me this Thursday Sept 9 at 11PM for an interview with two of Toronto's most abstract singer-songwriters (OK it pained me a little bit to write "singer songwriters", so just think of them as wonderful, experimental musicians who know how to use their voices) Rat Drifting mainstays Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver.

To be accurate, Eric & Ryan's new album is on Constellation, whereas Ryan's new album is on Rat Drifting. Confused? Don't be. They'll explain what's going on in slow, measured tones.

The two get down together at the Music Gallery on September 11 for the official release of both albums. It's a perfect venue for their quiet and unsettling sounds. Check it out after you've finished listening to Huelepega Sound System live from the Guelph Jazz Festival on CIUT that evening :)

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