Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strictly For Lovers - Lenn Hammond Interview

One of my favourite moments in Carl Wilson's great book "Let's Talk About Love: A Journey To The End Of Taste" describes Celine Dion's appeal among Jamaica's bad men: "Bad men have fi show that them a lova too". Celine - as in everything - is an extreme example of Jamaica's love for impassioned, unironic emoting in the great American soul tradition. Lenn Hammond is a current standard-bearer of this tradition.

Nephew of all-time singing legend Beres Hammond, Lenn's apple didn't fall too far from the tree. He specializes in lurrrve and classic soul covers - these never, ever go out of style, whether you're young or old.

He's living in Jamaica now (I believe) but has spent much time in Canada over the years. We'll get the full story on his career and new album "Raw Soul" when he stops by at 11PM tomorrow, Thursday September 30.

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