Monday, October 11, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - October 7/10

Last week marked the official release of Dubmatix' most recent release: System Shakedown. I wrote an interview/review of this excellent disc for Exclaim last month.

I really enjoy Jesse King's music. It was apparent at the CD release that his brothers and sisters in dub enjoy working with him and his music as well. At one point, the still formidable Jay Douglas loudly praised Dubs' respect and knowledge of the roots of the music, both in Jamaica and Toronto - and Jay Douglas knows a thing or two about Jamaica to Toronto.

Prior to the show Douglas told me he was honoured but intimidated by Dubmatix' request to sing on his album: the music was more digital and futuristic than any production he'd worked with. At the same time, though, he trusted the producer's fundamentals and gave it his best shot.

Surely one of Toronto's reggae highlights this year was seeing Douglas bui "Celebrate My Love" backed by Dubmatix, Nate Wize, I-Sax, and Douglas' once and future bandmate Everton "Pablo" Paul, who has been Dubmatix' mentor for decades. Even with one channel absent from the mix, the soulful vibes couldn't be stopped. This roots reggae sounded ever-fresh, even in an era where dancehall has become the pre-eminent crossover music from Jamaica. Thanks to soaking up J.A.-Tdot vibes for more than 20 years, Dubmatix has nothing to prove about his dexterity with classic reggae songcraft rendered in a way that feels utterly local.


wobble weeble - dubmatix feat kulcha ites (7 arts)
rainbow children dub - zion train (universal egg)
education after auschwitz - ion (local)
breathing trouble - senking (raster noton)
catatonic - onmutu mechanics (echochord)
don't let me go - mala (soul jazz)
dancehallette - frikstilers (zzk)
paraiso - sonora (no label)
little angel - zazou bikaye (crammed)
love can't come will come - invisible man's band (bbe)
miles away - david axelrod (dusty groove)
the squirrel - jimmy mcgriff/richard groove holmes (groove merchant)
jargon - lina allemano four (lumo)
in peace - mat maneri (thirsty ear)
seven - david mott quintet (music as energy)
for si pt. ii - arraymusic (cmc)
all clear 1,2,3,4,5 - christopher campbell (innova)
kajastusmuseo - kemialliset ystävät (fonal)
and we gonna - shigeto rmx by samiyam (ghostly international)
time lapse - a.m. breakups (reservoir sound)
jamelia - bonjay (no label)
phat si - cooly g (hyperdub)
m'bala - ramiro mussuto (paginas do mar)
the real mckay - the soul prophets (gallo)

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