Saturday, November 27, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - November 25/10

I love Vancouver trumpet player J.P. Carter's approach to his instrument - freaking loud and lashed by electronics. On this new release, he forgoes the effects, and not surprisningly, he still has a wide sonic range. The Aeroplane Trio's "Naranja Ra" uses that range to different effect than label mates Fond of Tigers. Both Skye Brooks on drums and Russell Sholberg on bass contribute just as much to the melange of songwriting, textural exploration, and straight out grooving.

Right off the top, "Pre-Rumble" contains a wonderful section of Carter and Sholberg exploring some dirty low end sounding almost like throat singing. All the while Brooks is helping to build the tension with bustling tom work. Then again, there are mutant funk grooves like "Whitehorse" and the molasses bossa abstraction of the track featured this week "Callejula" which have a more conventional trio sound but retain the group's questing character.

This trio's variety is put it its best light by excellent track sequencing. I still haven't fully digested this disc but it sounds like some of the best work I've ever heard from Carter and Brooks.

I think Drip Audio wants you to buy this for Christmas because it comes in an attractive package with a bonus DVD. As of today, you can.


there's where do you want to go - kahil el'zabar ritual trio (delmark)
callejuela - aeroplane trio (drip audio)
strange fruit (remix) - jesse futerman (no label)
paper street - airhead (brain math)
unlighted - senking (raster noton)
impressions d'afrique - kreidler (italic)
masikulu dub - mark ernestus vs. konono no. 1 (crammed)
ze da lua - ulungu wami (analog africa)
asem ato me - kwasi boateng's band (continental)
palladium - ed lincoln (musidisc)
do what you feel - pursuit grooves (no label)
si mi ya - sugar minott (easy star)
don't want to let you go version - dream band (no label)
jbc days & proper education dub - mikey dread (auralux)
seven and eleven - tommy mccook and the supersonics (pressure sounds)
mussum - saravah soul rmx by quantic (tru thoughts)
heartbeat - t. williams feat terri warner rmx by mosca (local action)
african warrior (instrumental) - donae'o (soul jazz)
black moon - jason rivas rmx by sheeqo (3ballmty)
munt - boom pam (essay)
evidence - the jaki byard experience (prestige)
barrel fire - gordon grdina trio feat mats gustafsson (drip audio)
track 3 - vine (no label)
highest - the detroit experiment (planet e)
the nile dread - early w~rm (no label)

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