Saturday, December 11, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - December 9/10

As I'm mostly through end of year lists it's pretty obvious to me that no one trend in music has influenced my programming more this year than the abstract electronics coming from the west coast of the United States. As epitomised by Flying Lotus, the Dilla inspired beats of last decade have been folded into new generations. There's too much talent coming from California to reduce to one subgenre or a movement. Teebs makes beautifully melodic, crystalline beats whereas Ras G pursues Arkestral ir-rythmia. Still, a creative DJ should have no problems playing both back to back to an open minded audience (seem to be more of those around these days?).

Salva is the latest bright light from out west. Proprietor of San Francisco's Frite Nite label, he tends towards the funkier end of these abstract beats. If you're into Dam Funk but wished he'd wake the fuck up with a handful of caffeine pills, Salva's your man. Dubstep can't help but be an influence on these beats as it explores similar frequency ranges and tempos, and Complex Housing mixes well with the angular head nodding required by the form, though with less obsession with bass sculpture: Salva keeps things predominantly funky. He's like a futuristic Lakeside; always searching for a more epic synth riff.

The album drops in February, though you can get the advance single "Blue" here.


pek - sally nyolo & la voix du cenacle (riverboat)
african do round - zuzuku rmx by mexican dubwiser (no label)
ananas tornillo - frente cumbiero (names you can trust)
afrodesia - afro soultet (luv n haight)
playing with stones - bunky green/rudresh mahanthappa (pi)
229 - gordon grdina trio feat mats gustafsson (drip audio)
cut form crush: be human pt 1 - mophono (cb)
icey - salva (friends of friends)
full disk - man made hill (inyrdisk)
sin gas - la ola criminal (dutty artz)
garabato - ku bo (man recordings)
el rockers - augustus pablo (pressure sounds)
music dub - horace andy/prince jammy (blood and fire)
page one - carlton patterson (hot pot)
trod natty - odel (ohm grown)
the phantom (om unit dub) - computer jay (no label)
dubliners - nicolas jaar (wolf and lamb)
tonight - elgato (hessle audio)
dubcuttin' - resoe (echochord)
push am - banana clips (bersa discos)
maybe a dream - amenta (no label)
lam tung wai - chaweewan dumnern (soundway)

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