Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 17/11

psychoanalyze - amalia (tokyo dawn)
comin' up - rise ashen feat ammoye (balanced)
yaya - mr ok feat larose (masalacism)
rough likkle sound - dubmatix feat brother culture (7 arts)
i and i - agape rmx by digitaldubs (sustainable)
lioness - dub rocket feat mela one (touchbass)
finished i ain't - ghostpoet (brownswood)
all she wants to do is dance - more or les (fuzzy logic)
on the road - dr. music (grt)
slowercase d - daedalus (ninja tune)
i need mirrors - the luyas (idee fixe)
haydar haydar - minor empire (world trip)
le 2e souk - pierre labbe + 12 (ambiences magnetiques)
wow - roy porter (vistone)
monsieur l'indien - peloquin/sauvageau (mucho gusto)
micro phobia vol 2 - toddler body (inyrdisk)
farewell to the flyer - polmo polpo (barge)
lonesome hunter - timber timbre (arts and crafts)
abba zabba - radio i ching (resonant)
things i lost - shlohmo (friends of friends)
danca de los hubitos - nilan perera (synaptic circus)
in a salient way - moondata (moondata)
winter light - pierre lx (initial cuts)
city girls - hrdvision (wagon repair)
ponte bomb - bomba estereo (nacional)
sonrisas - rebel rhythm (firegrooves)
crumbs off the table - young disciples (numero)
walk on by - earth girl helen brown (forest family)



Blogger Micro said...

Is there a download for these?

11:19 p.m.  
Blogger Micro said...

Can you download this here?

11:19 p.m.  
Blogger Dacks said...

Sorry, there's been a delay this week - a problem with the archive. This podcast won't be posted until Friday.

You can stream it at if you go to 'Shows' and find the Abstract Index.

11:23 p.m.  

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