Friday, March 25, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 24/11

seconds- salsoul orchestra feat loleatta holloway (salsoul)
strife in the village - earl rodney (em)
puyalo ahi - pedro beltran (soundway)
arrete mal parle - fair nick stars (strut)
los diamantes - grupo cimarron (smithsonian folkways)
don pedro - los pleneros de la 21 (shanachie)
wade in - joy o (hotflush)
dance til the police come - peverelist (hessle audio)
bahia - atropolis feat noelia fernandes (dutty artz)
specialty party (instrumental) - policy (rush hour)
i'll bet you - dennis coffey feat mick collins & rachel nagy (strut)
love message - sargent and malone re-edit by the revenge (z)
nearness/distance - feuermusik (standard form)
what is it you're looking at - rampersaud/shaw/martin/neal/krakowiak (barnyard)
civilization of mud & ember - dawn of midi (accretions)
mating ritual - bobby bradford (black saint)
buho - ash black bufflo (knitting factory)
the castle is real - capillary action (no label)
cloudlight - eskmo (ninja tune)
solid rock i stand - willi williams (dug out)
i know - arkital sound feat king solomon (arkital)
ma melodie - dub inc (productions speciales)
changes - gentleman (vp)
pluto jazz - trebles and blues (dojo)
swim good - frank ocean (no label)



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