Friday, April 22, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - April 21/11

dreeeam - the deeep rmx by prince nifty (no label)
AC riddim - gugu (dva music)
vete - anthony santos rmx by uproot andy
enganami - fredi michel (comeme)
killa - tuneyards (4ad)
invisible cities - nomo (ubiquity)
journeyman - amon tobin (ninja tune)
boro - sorry bamba (thrill jockey)
olelelaye - sabor band de dakar (discograph)
regresa - helado negro (no label)
nego - aline morales (no label)
wow - self evident (cabeza)
don't stop dub music - easy star all stars (easy star)
drum talking - mo kolours (one handed)
balance - the thing is (no label)
medley - redwirearchangel (no label)
deadman - shackleton rmx by king midas sound (honest jons)
the answer - raphael saadiq (sony)
love is blind - bunny rugs (riddimstream)
better beedies - lord boyd (no label)
singularity - fudge fingas (prime numbers)
onwa nna na nwa - onyenze rmx by schlactofbronx (no label)
blocks - lol boys (discobelle)



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