Sunday, July 22, 2012

Funk Getting Ready To Roll! Funkadelic In Toronto

Hey! It`s been a long time, but I want to spread the news to as many folks as possible about my new radio documentary for CBC.

Funk Getting Ready To Roll : Party People!
A night of psychedelic soul featuring DJs SIMMER DOWN & JASON PALMA
Thursday August 9 | 9pm
The Red Light
1185 Dundas St. W.


NO COVER... just bring the funk.

Come CELEBRATE the upcoming CBC Radio documentary FUNK GETTING READY TO ROLL: Funkadelic's life and times in Toronto during the early seventies.

If you can't make it in person, Funk Getting Ready To Roll airs on:

Inside The Music
Sunday August 12
3PM (3:30PM in NL) on CBC Radio 2 and
9PM (10PM in Atlantic Canada, 10:30PM in NL) on CBC Radio 1


“They are in some way a part of the Canadian music scene and nobody acknowledges that” – Prakash John, on Funkadelic.

A forgotten chapter of Toronto music history becomes an hour-long audio documentary as Funk Getting Ready To Roll airs Sunday August 12 on CBC Radio’s Inside The Music. The documentary tells the story of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee George Clinton, his crew and their home base in Hogtown during the early 70s just before they hit big by mid-decade.

Clinton had already been in the music business for 15 years before the winds of change blew him to Toronto, where he and several band mates would reside for nearly three years. He'd already survived band break-ups, hardscrabble times writing for Motown and a titanic consumption of LSD, Toronto offered a change of scene and new possibilities for Funkadelic.

Creativity blossomed. While in Toronto, Clinton and company stretched out stylistically and joined with local musicians to create the double album America Eats Its Young in 1972 as well as the bed tracks for many other records in subsequent years. Then circumstances shifted again and a recharged Funkadelic left town to pursue their convoluted journey to stardom.

Funk Getting Ready To Roll features interviews with:

George Clinton, ringmaster of funk
Bernie Worrell, keyboard genius
Frankie Kash Waddy, drummer, ex-JB's to boot...
Cordell Boogie Mosson, bassist/guitarist, still with P Funk
Chris Tannis, former road manager/booking agent
Prakash John, ace Toronto bassist (Lou Reed, Alice Cooper)
Rob Bowman, York University professor of all things soulful

They reflect on the state of the band at the time, their personal lives and their memories of living and working in Toronto and Canada.

The documentary is hosted and produced by David Dacks.


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