Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yard Music

Tune in tomorrow on the Abstract Index radio show not only to hear the Steve Reid interview at 7PM but a conversation with Barnyard Records boss Jean Martin. The label will be launching three discs at an event held at Somewhere There this Saturday, Feb 9.

Barnyard is a new-ish Toronto label focusing on improv - beyond that vague summary, the sub-descriptors are endless. Jazzy, electronic, spontaneous, doo-wop, and groovy sounds all play their parts in the diverse music of these three discs: Martin and Colin Fisher's "Little Man On The Boat", Scott Thomson & Lori Freedman's "Plumb" and Martin and Evan Shaw's "Piano Music".

I can tell you that Jean is pretty pumped for this event. With good reason, too - Barnyard already has distribution through the mighty DAME in Montreal, and West Coast homey Jesse Zubot has been helping to spread the word. With this support, I'd say Barnyard has instantly become a worldwide player in improv circles. This is good news for 'the scene' in Toronto and the rest of Canada.

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