Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fond Of Lyons And Tigers

Tune in tomorrow on the Abstract Index radio show at 6:30PM for a conversation with Stephen Lyons of Vancouver powerhouse Fond Of Tigers. They are that rare band that balances power with intracacy, bludgeoning ensemble work with inspired soloing, and cover bases from rock to jazz to free improv without the self-consciousness which so often afflicts genre-hoppers.

We'll be speaking over the phone as Lyons prepares for an FOT performance in Montreal.

They'll be playing Toronto at the Tranzac on Thursday Sept. 4 (with Sandro Perri and Canaille), then it's off to Guelph the following night for a late night jamdown at the Guelph Jazz Festival.
Speaking of the GJF, I'm going to be the anchorman for CIUT's 13 hour marathon coverage of the festival's jazz tent sked on Saturday September 6th. It starts at 11AM (maybe later) and goes straight until midnight. Expect a lot of adventurous music and interviews, all in that spontaneous, freewheeling CIUT live remote style that's not often imitated, and certainly never duplicated...

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