Friday, March 25, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 24/11

seconds- salsoul orchestra feat loleatta holloway (salsoul)
strife in the village - earl rodney (em)
puyalo ahi - pedro beltran (soundway)
arrete mal parle - fair nick stars (strut)
los diamantes - grupo cimarron (smithsonian folkways)
don pedro - los pleneros de la 21 (shanachie)
wade in - joy o (hotflush)
dance til the police come - peverelist (hessle audio)
bahia - atropolis feat noelia fernandes (dutty artz)
specialty party (instrumental) - policy (rush hour)
i'll bet you - dennis coffey feat mick collins & rachel nagy (strut)
love message - sargent and malone re-edit by the revenge (z)
nearness/distance - feuermusik (standard form)
what is it you're looking at - rampersaud/shaw/martin/neal/krakowiak (barnyard)
civilization of mud & ember - dawn of midi (accretions)
mating ritual - bobby bradford (black saint)
buho - ash black bufflo (knitting factory)
the castle is real - capillary action (no label)
cloudlight - eskmo (ninja tune)
solid rock i stand - willi williams (dug out)
i know - arkital sound feat king solomon (arkital)
ma melodie - dub inc (productions speciales)
changes - gentleman (vp)
pluto jazz - trebles and blues (dojo)
swim good - frank ocean (no label)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 17/11

psychoanalyze - amalia (tokyo dawn)
comin' up - rise ashen feat ammoye (balanced)
yaya - mr ok feat larose (masalacism)
rough likkle sound - dubmatix feat brother culture (7 arts)
i and i - agape rmx by digitaldubs (sustainable)
lioness - dub rocket feat mela one (touchbass)
finished i ain't - ghostpoet (brownswood)
all she wants to do is dance - more or les (fuzzy logic)
on the road - dr. music (grt)
slowercase d - daedalus (ninja tune)
i need mirrors - the luyas (idee fixe)
haydar haydar - minor empire (world trip)
le 2e souk - pierre labbe + 12 (ambiences magnetiques)
wow - roy porter (vistone)
monsieur l'indien - peloquin/sauvageau (mucho gusto)
micro phobia vol 2 - toddler body (inyrdisk)
farewell to the flyer - polmo polpo (barge)
lonesome hunter - timber timbre (arts and crafts)
abba zabba - radio i ching (resonant)
things i lost - shlohmo (friends of friends)
danca de los hubitos - nilan perera (synaptic circus)
in a salient way - moondata (moondata)
winter light - pierre lx (initial cuts)
city girls - hrdvision (wagon repair)
ponte bomb - bomba estereo (nacional)
sonrisas - rebel rhythm (firegrooves)
crumbs off the table - young disciples (numero)
walk on by - earth girl helen brown (forest family)


Friday, March 11, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 10/11

long enough - candy mckenzie (pressure sounds)
bad ritual - timber timbre (arts and crafts)
forgot i was here - shlohmo (friends of friends)
slow and wet - star slinger (no label)
all you never know - matthewdavid (brainfeeder)
ludes - jules chaz (wagon repair)
ping - hauschka (fat cat)
tenere - bombino (cumbancha)
testimony of rev. charlie jackson - reverend charlie jackson (case quarter)
lamento borincano - libre (salsoul)
alegre jibarito - la justicia (numero group)
turned on to you - eighties ladies (uno melodic)
shogun - elaquent (no label)
impulsinfonetta - fulgeance (musique large)
craig machinsky - paris suit yourself (big dada)
judges - colin stetson (constellation)
getsemani - undivided (multikulti)
suprem sunlight - adlr (nonprojects)
your touch is so electric - onmutu mechanics (echocord)
pula dub - peikko & lassi (sankho)
it's coming down - babe rainbow (no label)
ze bula - figura rmx by chancha via circuito (zzk)
sen bu yaylalari yaylayamazsin - minor empire (world trip)
hired by the king - neung phak (mono pause)
ice cream man dreams - st. dirt elementary school (barnyard)
kikeru - d.o. misiani & shirati jazz (sterns)
nomada - diamond bass (enchufada)


Friday, March 04, 2011

Abstract Index Playlist - March 3/11

you make me real - brandt bauer frick (k7)
the burning circle - hidden orchestra (tru thoughts)
cloud 8 - elaquent (no label)
last tango in paris - julio gutierrez (vico)
crying child - the movers (city special)
free your mind - amnesty (now again)
totally outrageous - johnny pate (rca/dusty groove)
pichito - frente cumbiero rmx by sonora (no label)
gemini theme - found (no label)
93 million miles - jules chaz (wagon repair)
puddles - wamoo papez (no label)
conversations in a crowd - mark segger sextet (18th note)
demented - lounge lizards (editions eg)
mergulho no ar - mario garcia (unknown)
la gozadera - alex acosta y su orquestra (soundway)

GuShee live set:
Gonna Make It
Making Babies
When I Think of You...Sunshine
Like Magic

ancestral echoes - nick rosen (porter)
lawrence of arabia - freddie stone (do right)
planes - shlohmo (friends of friends)
before sunrise - 1000 names (black acre)